Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
February 22, 2021
Groin pain in Athletes (Non-hip joint)
April 20, 2021

Hip/Groin Anatomy

2. Inferior Surface anatomy with underlying pelvis

3. Inferior Surface anatomy with underlying pelvis and Labelled

4. Surface anatomy underlying sciatic nerve overlying pelvic muscles and Glut Max and Hamstrings – Posterior

5. Posterior Surface anatomy with sciatic

6. Posterior Surface anatomy with Muscles that intersect sciatic nerve (1. Piriformis 2. Sup and inf. Gemellus 3. Quadratus femoris, Hamstring off ischeum)

7. Anteroinferior view of boney pelvis

8.¬† Bursa of hip –

From orthoinfo.aaos.org

Figure 9. Ilioposas and Rectus femoris with Sartorius crossing overtop

Figure 10. Inferoposterior view of musculature with boney pelvis