Journal Club – Paediatric ACL
March 5, 2018
Sports Medicine Review – Hip_Groin Review
March 5, 2018

Sports Medicine Review – Knee Review

 Knee Review

Presenter: 1) Dr. Duong Nguyen, Adjunct Clinical Professor, McMaster University
2) Dr. Neil Dilworth, Assistant Professor, DFCM University of Toronto

Differential Guide:  Dr. A Francella, Dr N Dilworth, Dr. D Nguyen

  1. Sports Medicine Surgical Conditions of Knee:

Primary Care Sports Medicine Conditions of The Knee:

Part 1:  Overview and Anterior knee conditions:

Part 2 Other conditions of the knee:

Other Resources for Knee:

Anterior Drawer Test – Dr. Duong Nguyen

Pivot Shift Test – Dr. Neil Dilworth

ACL insufficiency/ACL instability

Orthopedic Knee Exam